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October 9, 2020 the Flora Depot Restoration Project was awarded a North Central Health Services Capital Grant, administered by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, in the amount of $68,707 to complete the interior restoration. 

Summer Chase Construction is the contractor


Jan. 2021 to April 2021

The storeroom area was insulated and drywalled.  Additional furring strips were added to the interior walls in the main hall. Electrical outlets and lighting boxes have been installed.

Masonic Lodge #605

The Town of Flora owns the former lodge building located at 22 N. Center St.  The building is slated for demolition.  The Depot Committee was invited to tour the building to see if there were items that could be used in the depot.  Pendant lights, wall sconces, original flooring, a bench that was originally at the depot, and other furniture items will be repurposed.

May 2021 to mid-August

Progress this summer has been slow due to the labor shortage and scarcity of materials.  Most of the electrical work has been done, the storeroom has been drywalled, and lighting as been ordered.  The remaining salvaged wood has been sorted and the process of stripping and sanding has begun.  The Flora Library created a bracket for the original wall-mounted benches with their 3-D printer using the remaining original bracket as a model.  The hallway, which was part of the original freight area, has been paneled in the original shiplap and the original freight door mechanism mounted for display.

The pendant lights salvaged from the old Masonic Lodge Building have been cleaned and polished.  They will be rewired for use in the depot.

Mid-August 2021
to Sept. 30, 2021

The boards, both salvaged and new, have been stained.  Carpenters are in the process of installing the beaded board on the walls and ceiling.  Blocking has been added to the walls so the wall-mounted benches can be installed later.  In a picture to the right, there is a section of bench that was removed and used as a way to determine where the blocking should go.  Extensive charring from fire damage can be seen on this piece.  The Flora Lions Club has finished installing a flag pole at the Depot!

October 2021

Summer Chase Construction completed installing salvaged and new beaded board on the walls and ceiling of the main room.  Shelly Helderman Painting did the painting of the tall north wall that is drywall.  Volunteers painted the double hung sash windows, entrance doors, kitchenette, hallway, and restrooms.  

November 2021

Brandon McIlrath (Mac's Wash Pros) donated his services and pressure washed the original antique benches that will be repaired and installed at the depot.

February 9, 2022

Summer Chase Construction completed work on the depot interior last week.  There is still some painting and cleaning to do, along with a few other odds and ends.  For now, please enjoy this video tour!

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