PHASE II:  Site Development

Phase II, Part l  leveled the site around the structure, added utilities, sidewalks and ramps, guttering, exterior lighting, and a driveway and parking lot.  The site work was paid for with donations from Carroll County EDC, Town of Flora, Camden-Flora Rail Corridor Commission, Flora Community Club, Flora Main Street, and a materials donation and discount from U.S. Aggregates.  

400 tons of fill dirt was donated to level the site and protect the foundations.

Project sign installed. Paid for with an REMC Operation Roundup Grant. Designed by Carroll High School art students. 10/28/2016

Coomler Contracting hauled stone to the site. US Aggregates generously donated 100 tons and gave the project a discount on stone to be purchased. 12/5/2016

Stone was used to winterize the foundation.

Town of Flora works to finish running utilities to the building. 12/5/2016

More donated fill dirt. 6/19/2017

The site was leveled. A gravel drive linking Columbia Street to West Main Street, and a parking lot were added. 8/27/2017

The parking lot is on the north side of the building at the West Main Street entrance.

A lawn was seeded. The project purchased the seed. Atlee Oyler, Town of Flora, did the planting. 10/15/2017

October 17, 2017.  The Flora Depot Restoration Project received a North Central Health Services Capital Grant, administered by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, in the amount of $40,850.00.  Sidewalks and ramps, guttering, and exterior lighting were added

to the structure.  Work began in 2018.


March 2, 2018.  


Those who donate $100 or more can reserve an engraved brick to be placed in sections of the front platform at the depot.  The first brick order arrived in March 2018 and was installed later that year.

Click HERE to find out how to order.


June 3, 2018.  The sidewalks and handicapped accessible ramps have been installed.  

Gutters, exterior lighting, and the sidewalk system were in place by the end of June 2018.

With the addition of the first installation of engraved bricks in the sidewalk system, Phase II is complete.