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The Flora Depot Restoration Project was awarded a North Central Health Services Capital Grant, administered by the Tippecanoe Arts Federation, in the amount of $50,000 on 10/10/2018.  Additional funding was provided by Carroll County EDC,  Carroll County Agriculture Association, Psi Iota Xi, and Flora Main Street. 

Initial work on the interior began in December 2018.

Phase III - Interior Restoration

Interior concrete was poured in December 2018.  The interior walls will be added, along with restrooms and the HVAC system.  When this part of the project has been completed the building will be usable, though unfinished.

January 17, 2019.  Progress on the interior work to date.


March 24, 2019.  The drywall has been hung.  Most of the drywall is temporary and will not be finished.  It's in place in order to hold in the insulation.  Eventually it will be replaced with salvaged and new beaded board, including the ceiling.  The ceiling was mitered originally.  Drywall will be finished in the kitchenette area, the restrooms, and the interior hallway wall.

Phase III, Part One of the Flora Depot Restoration Project was completed in June 2019.  Though unfinished, the building is habitable with floors, HVAC, lighting and restrooms.  It was used in 2019 during the second annual Depot Day Festival in September, hosted a tree decorating contest in December, as well as visits with Santa during that month.

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